• For regular dental care.
  • With vegetable roughage for easy digestion.
  • No colourings, preservatives and sugar!

Happy Dog Snacks - Knabberknochen

A robust dog biscuit in the shape of a bone made from whole grains with high-quality proteins, minerals and wheat germ.

Our wholegrain dog biscuits are not just healthy due to high-quality vitamins and minerals. A further practical side benefit for dog snacks is dental care: By chewing the dog biscuit your dog is cleaning its teeth, which freshens its breath.

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Perchè sceglierlo?

Cereals and vegetable by-products (82.5%, of which wheat germ 6.0%), meat and animal by-products (15%) premixed minerals.
Componenti analitici
crude protein 24%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 6%, calcium 1%, phosphorus 0.8%
Without additives

Gli esperti:

Andrea Göbel

Veterinaria presso il Service Center Happy Dog

Consigli di un esperto
I biscottini per cani sono l’ausilio ideale nell’educazione del vostro cane: potete infatti usarli come ricompensa da offrire al vostro amico a quattro zampe ogni volta che se lo merita.